How did your child fare on his or her first CA in 2017?

How did your child do for his or her CA 1? Does he or she need effective teaching and guidance to help him or her for the mid-year exams? Our English programme is fun, engaging and effective. Most of our pupils have done very well in their CA 1, with several of them topping their classes in school. Sign up fast as we have limited slots available and we will not be starting new classes. Here are our popular classes
Sec 3 Monday class 7.30pm- 4 places left
Sec 3 Saturday class 2.30pm – 1 place left
Sec 4 Saturday class 11am- full
Sec 4 Monday class 6pm- 4 places left
Pri 5 Monday class 4 pm- 2 places left
Pri 6 Tuesday class 6pm- 4 places left

Please call or text us at 8214603 for more information.  You can also visit our website for class schedules and rates.

Our Loyal Customers!

Here at Mckaylan, our pupils have benefitted immensely from our comprehensive English Programme. As such, many of them continue their lesssons with us year after year. Although we don’t have many classes (I teach most of the classes and thus there is a limit to the number of classes I can teach in a day), the pupils will plan their schedules around mine. We are very grateful for their strong support. Hence, we would be rewarding our loyal customers with Mckaylan vouchers.

Thank you for your unwavering support.
Chia Shi Juan (Pri 5 to Sec 4 2016)
Janel Teo (Pri 6 to Sec 4 2016)
Eunice Tan (Sec 1 to Sec 4 2016)
Leeroy Tay (Sec 1 to Sec 4 2016)
Keane Yeo (Sec 2 to Sec 4 2016)
Chong Waiteng Sec 4 since Pri 5
Breanna Koh Sec 3, since Pri 5
Seow Ding Xuan Sec 4, since Pri 5
Ryan Leow Sec 3 since Pri 4
Isabel Tay Sec 3 since Pri 4
Ryan Tay Sec 3 since Pri 5
Anisa Niareen, Sec 3 since Pri 6
Licia Tan Sec 2 since Pri 3
Phoedora Liew Pri 5 since Pri 3
Chloe Tan Pri 6 (2016) since Pri 4
Joshua Chua (Sec 3 to Sec 4 2016)
Yeo Bing Heng (Sec 3 to Sec 4 2016 )
Ong Kah Leong (Sec 3 to Sec 4 2016)
Jordan Ong (Sec 4 to Sec 5 2016)
Cassia Ng Sec 4 since Sec 1
Clement Ng Sec 4 since Sec 1
Isabel Lee Sec 4 since Sec 2
Darren Lee Sec 4 since Sec 2
Max Chan Sec 4 since Sec 1
Chloe Ong Sec 2 since Sec 1
Chen Hang Sec 3 since Sec 1
Ezenn Chong Sec 3 since Sec 1
Ace Chow Sec 3 since Sec 1
Vienna Loo Sec 1 since Pri 6