We are immensely proud of Elias!

We are exceptionally proud of inspirational Elias, a Pri 3 boy,  from Holy Innocent Primary School. Mrs Chung will never forget his triumphant face when he burst into the centre announcing his results. He was ecstatic. He had never passed his English in P3. For the first time, he did. When he joined us in June, Elias was a reluctant learner who got easily frustrated with his work. Mrs Chung’s patience and determination to see the good in him changed him. He realised he was capable of good results so he put in more effort and became more on task. We need to be patient and work with the children in a positive way. Nobody likes to be told that they are lousy or a failure. We must always be on the lookout for positive good behaviour or improvement and praise the child for it. Building the child’s self esteem and working on his or her attitude is just as important as imparting knowledge. Changing a child’s attitude takes time and we are heartened that Elias’ parents were supportive of our methods and were patient with Elias’ slow improvement initially. We are so happy that Elias is a changed boy and we believe that with continued determination and diligence, Elias will accomplish great things. Keep it up Elias! We know you can do it!
CA 3 Paper 2-9/30
SA 2 Paper 2- 30.5/50

Testimonial from Elias’ mother

We are Very Proud of You!

We are really proud of Russell a Sec 2 boy from Pierce Secondary School. He has come a long way and has made such a vast improvement. Initially, when he joined us, he lacked self-confidence and was not really self-motivated. Mrs Chung worked with him to help him change his attitude and unlock his potential. Gradually his attitude improved and he started to pay more attention in class and work harder. Having shown some improvement, he grew more confident of his own abilities and became more diligent. We are very proud of him. Keep it up Russell! We know you can achieve great things if you work hard!

Russell sent this to Mrs Chung when he received his SA 2 results.

Russell’s Mummy, Ms Chern Nee’s review of our centre in Facebook.

I am so Proud of Amelia (Pri 6)

Amelia, a Pri 6 pupil from Evergreen Primary School, joined our centre in February. I was quite surprised that her mother chose us as they live in Woodlands. Her mother told me that although Amelia had a tutor, she had been failing her paper 2 English papers. I assured her that if Amelia worked  hard, she would improve.

I am so happy to hear from Mrs Ong today that Amelia has shown a vast improvement. She has done very well in her Prelim exam, scoring an A, a first for her, since she was in Pri 5. In the past, she only scored 23/40 for her compositions. In her recent exam, she scored 33/40. What an improvement!

How did she do it?

Amelia pays great attention in class and is very diligent. She is very receptive to advice and works hard to improve.

This is what I did to help her improve:

  • Expanded her vocabulary (weekly lists and monthly tests)
  • Worked on commonly tested grammar items
  • Taught her how to identify and tackle the various comprehension questions
  • Taught her how to develop a solid plot, create suspense and describe emotions and characters
  • Used guided compositions (proven to be most useful in helping pupils improve) to teach writing.
  • Exposed her to many model essays. She gets lots of practices (at least 2 compositions a week) and constructive feedback.
  • Gave her termly tests and practice papers.

I am elated with her results and her vast improvement.

I must thank Mrs Ong for believing in me and entrusting her 3 daughters to me. After signing Amelia up for classes, she also enrolled Odelia (Sec 3) and Otylia (Sec 4)  for English tuition too.