English Bridging Programme For Secondary 1 Pupils

Dear Parents of Pri 6 Pupils,

The requirements of the Secondary 1 English examination vary greatly from the requirements of the PSLE. Next year, your child will be placed in a different environment from what he/she is used to in Primary Six.

In the first two months, he/she will be busy adapting to this new environment.

In addition, the school will arrange for orientation activities and camps to help your child acclimatise to his/her new learning environment.

Your child will also be sitting for his/her first test as early as February, although he/she may not have been exposed to all the skills (e.g. summary writing) required to excel in the test.

I will be conducting a Bridging Course in October/November to expose your child to the requirements of both Paper 1 and Paper 2 which includes summary writing (something not tested in Pri school)

You are strongly encouraged to enrol your child for the classes so as to give him/her a head start over his/her peers. Feedback from pupils who had previously attended the course was good. All of them, who went on to Secondary 1, mentioned that their teachers only started teaching them summary writing skills in April. Hence, they found the Bridging course useful. It’s a great boost to their confidence too as they find themselves ahead of their peers.

There are two sessions. You can choose either session 1 or 2. Places are limited and I will not be starting new classes. You can register as soon as you can. Some slots are already taken.

Please click on the link below for the dates. Do email me at janice@mckaylan.com or contact me at 98214603 for more information. Thank you.


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