We are very proud of Sher Win!

We are very proud of Lak Sher Win, a Sec 2 pupil from Catholic High School. When he joined us in Sec 1 in June, he was scoring a B4. His mother felt that he lacked self-motivation and diligence. However, she learnt that Sher Win enjoyed my lessons immensely and implored me to help her child. Fortunately I was able to establish rapport with him and saw his potential to succeed. I taught him the skills needed to score for his comprehension tests. For his first CA 1(in Sec 2) comprehension test, he scored an A1 and for SA 1, he scored an A2. I am very proud of his success. His mother, overjoyed to see him improve, signed Sher Win up for all the upcoming June classes. I will definitely continue to support and motivate him to unleash his full potential.

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