McKaylan English Tuition Specialist in Bishan
We use teaching methods, which are pedagogically-sound, creative and enriching.  At McKaylan, we believe that every learner has the potential for success.
Why choose us?
We specialise in the teaching of the English Language.  Our curriculum is designed by Mrs Chung, who is an ex-MOE senior teacher, specialising in the teaching of the English language.

Our aim is to create an enlivening environment where our pupils will be enthused and empowered to write, read well and enjoy learning.

We use teaching methods which are pedagogically-sound, creative and enriching.

We use multi-media elements such as Powerpoint slides and IT games to explain concepts and impart skills to the students in an interactive manner. 
Mrs Chung and her tutors are dedicated, competent and adept at motivating their pupils to develop a love for learning.

Our curriculum and teaching materials are designed in accordance to the latest MOE syllabus.

The class size is kept small (not more than 10) to create a conducive learning environment for our pupils.

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