Why is your child not doing well?

Why is your Child failing English despite going for tuition classes? 
These are some reasons why pupils are failing English:
  • Lack vocabulary
  • Poor grasp of grammar
  • Little awareness of writing skills
  • Lack ideas for the expository and argumentative topics
  • Unable to describe adequately and develop a sound plot for the narratives
  • Do not have the skills to answer the comprehension questions
  • Unable to give intelligent,  well-elaborated answers for the oral exam
 Most children don’t read much nowadays. Reading will expand one’s vocabulary, allowing one to see how difficult words are used in sentences.  It will also help in writing and comprehension of texts. Thus, pupils need a well-tailored programme to boost their reading and writing skills and expand their vocabulary.
Here at Mckaylan, we have a comprehensive curriculum tailored to engender a love for the English language and equip the pupils with the tools needed to excel in it.
I am an ex-school teacher with 16 years of experience teaching English. I painstakingly put together a 11-month curriculum for every level from Pri 3 to Sec 4 to impart skills and engender a love for English in my pupils.
Pupils find my lessons interesting and enriching. Thus, they are able to excel in the subject in a short time.
My curriculum of 11 months consists of the following:
  • Weekly vocabulary lists
  • Monthly vocabulary tests
  • Teaching of grammar items
  • Teaching of writing skills
  • Teaching of comprehension skills and answering techniques
  • Theme based lessons (example: environment,  health, family etc) to expand pupils’ vocabulary and general knowledge , aiding in writing and oral exams.
  • Termly tests to ascertain learning outcomes
  • Games, video and group work to enliven the lessons, generate interest and reinforce learning

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