McKaylan English Tuition Specialist in Bishan
McKaylan is founded by Mrs Janice Chung, a former MOE Senior Teacher with 15 years of teaching experience.
About Our Head Tutor
McKaylan is founded by Mrs Janice Chung, a former MOE Senior Teacher with 17 years of teaching experience.  As a Senior Teacher, her specialisation entailed devising strategies and spearheading programmes to raise the standard of English in her former school. Mrs Janice Chung, now a full-time tutor, specialises in preparing her pupils for the rigours of the ‘PSLE’ and ‘O’ level examinations.
Mrs Janice Chung is committed to making lessons come alive with her creative and enriching lessons which ignite the love of the English Language in her pupils.  Her approachable, affable and humorous personality endears her to her pupils. As a testimony to how her pupils enjoyed her lessons, they nominated her for the 'Inspirational English Teacher Award', organised by the Straits Times in 2008 and 2009.
Mrs Janice Chung keeps abreast with the latest developments of the English Language syllabus and pedagogical practices by attending numerous training courses. She has a Specialist Certificate in Language Curriculum and Materials Development (2010) by SEAMEO Regional Language Centre (RELC) where she reviewed and learnt about current approaches and issues with language curriculum design, implementation and materials development.

Hence, she is also the Curriculum Specialist of McKaylan Tutorial Centre where she writes and regularly reviews and updates the curriculum.
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