A Misunderstanding

      “Today, one student amongst us has got full marks in her English examination.” Mrs Mogan, our form teacher announced. “She is… Joanne!” My heart almost leapt out of my chest and I felt like jumping for joy. My smile was like a hundred-watt lightbulb when I collected my script.
      The bell rang to signal the end of our lesson. I skipped out of the classroom and saw my two best friends. Melody and Lydia waiting for me.
      “Hey, that was terrific! I heard you had full marks for that examination paper!” Melody patted me on the back. I knew I had to thank them for helping me with my English but I just could not. I told myself firmly, “No! Do not speak at all!” Melody and Lydia looked at me, puzzled.
      I blushed and waved my hand at them. Then, I charged to my next class like a bull. I could imagine them burning holes in my back and smoke escaping from their ears. However, even if they got upset, I could talk to them. It was science lesson and Mr Lai was teaching us.
      “What is photosynthesis?” Mr Lai asked in his usual gruff voice. “Jo…” “No! No! Do not call me!  I cannot answer it!” My brain screamed as I prayed fervently. “…lin.” I heaved a sigh of relief. For the last two minutes of the class, my mind was empty and I could not concentrate as I saw my best friends lurking outside the classrooms. They looked as if they were going to bash me up.
      When the lesson ended, I tried to avoid them but to no avail. I was stopped by them. Lydia slowly inched toward me as she said, “Are you happy you have got higher marks than us? We gave you pointers and were so patient with you but no word of thanks came out from your mouth!”
      Swiftly, both of them turned around and stomped away from me. “Wait!” I yelled and they turned around. “I did not mean to not say a word but it’s just… just…” Suddenly, their eyes were as big and round as saucers. “What happened to your two front teeth?” I smiled and said, “The dentist pulled them off because they were decayed.”
      All of us burst into laughter as Melody and Lydia said in unison “We understand now!”

Caritas Lee
Secondary 2
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