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Situation : You were alone at home when suddenly the doorbell rang. There was a stranger at the door.
    As I was going for my tuition class, I passed by my old apartment. When I took a quick glance, I felt something like a spark, a memory. The more I thought about it, the clearer it seemed to me. It sent me on a walk down memory lane.
      It was in the dead of night. I was alone at home, sitting on the sofa like a couch potato. The surrounding realm of darkness overpowered the light so the living room was very dim. “Lionel Messi runs, he shoots and he scores!” I shouted excitedly, waving my hands frantically in the air. I was alone at home as my parents had gone out for a candlelight dinner to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary. I mimicked the sounds when the crowds roared in triumph.
      Suddenly, out of the blue, the doorbell rang. I felt puzzled. “That’s odd, my parents should not be back yet.” I mumbled to myself. I strode towards the door, unlocked the latch then opened the door, ignoring the ingrained warnings that my mother told me about looking through the peephole before opening the door. Before I could say another word, a young woman darted inside my house. The woman was very beautiful, with hazel-brown eyes and a fair complexion. Her brown hair was combed neatly. She was wearing a bright red dress and high heeled shoes. She looked frightened and out of breath. Her face was as white as sheet. At the sight of her, I blushed. My heart skipped a beat. All I could do was gape, and act like an idiot. I could even smell her Jasmine perfume.
      The woman said, “There are a few gangsters chasing me. Could I hide in your house until they are gone?” Her soothing voice enchanted me, sending me into a trance. Her beauty was breathtaking. She was too perfect to say no to. All I could do was nod shyly. She laughed sweetly and hugged me, thanking me for all my help. I blushed even more. I felt like the luckiest fourteen-year-old in the world. Suddenly, another doorbell rang. This roused me from my thoughts.
      The woman panicked. She begged me to help her. I told her to go to my parents’ bedroom. She dashed inside and hid herself. I looked through the peephole. The sight shocked me. I saw three burly men. All three were wearing dark shades and black jackets. One of them had a scarred face. I slowly opened the door, and said, “Yes?” The men said in a hoarse voice, “Hey punk, did you see a woman wearing a red dress pass by?” I was trembling with fear, my feet rooted to the ground. I felt hurt, no one called me “punk” before. It stung. However, I dared not say anything for fear that they would clobber me.
      I shook my head. The gangster glared at me, like an X-ray machine seeing through me. I stood rooted to one spot, my heart palpitating wildly. After some time, the gangsters left. I heaved a sigh of relief.
      I went into my parents’ room and told the woman that the coast was clear. She came out and thanked me profusely. She waved goodbye and left. I felt warm inside as I had done a good deed. However, when I entered my parents’ room, I found that the drawers had been pried open, and all their bank account cards and cash were all gone! I realised what a fool I had been. The woman and gangsters had ganged up to trick me. I felt like the world’s number one idiot. I felt miserable and guilty.
      When my parents returned home, they gave me a good dressing down. I was grounded for a month and was not allowed to watch any television. I had learnt my lesson. I vowed to be more mature and to think before I act.

Leow Zhi Yong
Primary 6
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Situation : You were alone at home when suddenly the doorbell rang. There was a stranger at the door. 
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