A Good Deed

   It was a blistering hot afternoon. The sun blazed mercilessly. My sister, Riesa, and I were walking back home after tuition.
   On our way back home, we chanced upon an old lady. The old lady was trudging her way agonisingly down the street, her back hunched under the strain of the bundle of plastic bags filled with groceries.
   Wisps of slivery grey hair were plastered to her forehead the blistering sun beat down mercilessly. Her weather-beaten face showed years of hardship.
   We felt sorry for her. Then, I had an idea in my head. I asked Riesa whether we should help the old lady. Riesa agreed, we ran over and asked the old lady. “Are you tired? May we help you?” we asked. She held her tired head up and answered “O…Ok.” The old lady gave us bags of her groceries.
   Just then, she collapsed onto the floor. We immediately put down the bags of groceries, and went to her aid. The old lady lay motionless on the ground. I took out a textbook from my bag and started fanning her. Meanwhile, Riesa fished out her cell phone from her pocket, and called the ambulance. Then, I told the old lady “You’re going to be alright, hang on there for five minutes. The ambulance is coming to your rescue.”
   Then she whispered weakly “I’m…I’m…Ok.”
   After a while, the ambulance finally arrived. The paramedics carried the old lady onto the stretcher. We went to the nearest ambulance and looked for the old lady. She was resting in a room, waiting for us patiently. When we came, the old lady had a little smile on her face.
   The old lady told a long story about herself when she was young until now. Later, we found out that her husband had died ten years ago and her children had abandoned her and went to work overseas. We felt sorry for the old lady and promised that we would visit her again very soon.
   When we reached home, our mother asked “Are you alright. My dear precious daughters?”
   “We are alright and even helped someone.” Then we began to tell our mother the long story. After hearing that, our mother praised us for doing a good deed.

Isabel Tay
Primary 4
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A Good Deed
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